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We Provide Free Day 1 CPT School Match & Immigration Lawyer Referral 

Why Choose CPTDog?

Over the past 6 years, we have assisted thousands of international students with various challenges in their post-graduate immigration journey. We promise to provide:

  • Prompt Response: Guaranteeing a 48-hour response time for new students and near-instantaneous replies for existing CPTDog students.

  • Expedited Day 1 CPT University Applications: As official partners with over 25 Day 1 CPT universities, our experts efficiently find the right fit for your timeline.

  • Continued Support Post-Enrollment: Our commitment extends beyond just securing offers. We offer ongoing assistance for any issues with school officials or immigration-related concerns after enrollment.

  • In-House Immigration Lawyers: Recognizing the importance of status maintenance for international students, we provide affordable, flat-fee legal services with no hidden costs.

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