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Day 1 CPT - Curricular Practical Training from Day 1

Day 1 CPT (Curricular Practical Training) refers to graduate programs that allow F1 students to use CPT work authorization from the start of their studies. As long as the job relates to the student's major and the program integrates CPT into its curriculum, the school DSO can issue this authorization without USCIS approval.

Due to the limitations of the US immigration system, where only 25% of H1B applicants secure a visa each FY, many qualified international students are left without options as their OPT ends. Even after three attempts with STEM OPT, many still don't get an H1B. This is why Day 1 CPT has become a popular backup. It allows students to work while studying, pay tuition, earn another degree, and gain work experience while waiting for another H1B lottery chance. 

Day 1 CPT is also a great option for those facing H1B layoffs or anyone wishing to enter the U.S. job market. After all, the ultimate goal of education is employment. Day 1 CPT programs are designed for this purpose in particular! 

Day 1 CPT Free Consultation:

✓ One-on-One Free Consultation
✓ Personalized Day 1 CPT Plan as H1B Alternative
✓ Application Fee Wavier & Application Assistant 

* Our consultants are committed to providing a seamless experience. Once you initiate a case with us, you will be assigned a specific consultant who will thoroughly understand your case, ensuring that there's no need for you to repeat information each time you call. We will not change your consultant unless you request it.


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