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National Louis University

📍Tampa, FL

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National Louis University, an accredited private non-profit higher education institution by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), offers two graduate-level programs with a Day 1 Curricular Practical Training (CPT) option: the Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) and the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA). Renowned in the southern United States, the university has expanded its reach with the opening of a new campus in Chicago. This expansion provides an excellent opportunity for individuals in the Midwest interested in these specific majors to pursue their education at National Louis University.

Day 1 CPT University - Overview

About National Louis University

National Louis University (NLU) has been accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, one of the six regional accrediting bodies in the United States. Furthermore, NLU has participated in the HLC's Academic Quality Improvement Program.

Currently, National Louis University (NLU) is ranked around 300th in the US News National Universities rankings and is ranked 9th in the US News Economic Diversity among national universities.

Day 1 CPT at NLU

Day 1 CPT Programs


The MS Business Data Analytics program is a 15-month, 5-quarter, 30-credit, STEM-designated, full-time hybrid program. Each quarter you will take two 3-credit courses (one course is fully online and the other includes a face-to-face, on-campus weekend session once per quarter. You will take one class at a time)—total 30 credits; 6 credits per quarter; 4 quarters per year.
Professional Focus

Upon completion of the Master of Science in Business Data Analytics program, students will be able to:

PLO 1 Articulate the value of business data analytics in informed decision-making to achieve organizational goals.

PLO 2 Apply ethical business data analytics practices in operational and managerial decision-making.

PLO 3 Assess analytic strategies for data-informed decision-making across varied business contexts to build data literacy skills.

PLO 4 Apply analytical methodologies to gather insights via data access, production transparency, and analytical transparency to inform decision-making.

PLO 5 Apply quantitative reasoning using descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics, forecasting, and statistical methods to identify organizational opportunities or solve problems.

PLO 6 Communicate actionable insights to inform stakeholder decision-making via a compelling narrative.

PLO 7 Produce solutions or strategies using accepted analytics practices and relevant tools to improve organizational performance.

Program Structure

Foundational Courses

BDA 500 Introduction to Business Data Analytics 3

BDA 502 Statistics for Business Data Analytics 3

RES 510 Critical Thinking and Research Skills 3

Capstone Course

BDA 550 Business Analytics Capstone 3

Core Courses

BDA 505 Security and Ethics for Business Data Analytics 3

BDA 506 Big Data Management and Databases 3

BDA 507 Data-Driven Decisions and Strategy 3

BDA 508 Predictive Analytics and Forecasting 3

BDA 509 Data Visualization and Communication in Business Analytics 3

BDA 510 Emerging Topics in Business Data Analytics 3

CPT Policy
  • Requires 30 semester hours for completion
  • Requires to maintain a minimum grade point average of 3.0 or higher
  • Students who earn a grade below a “C” in any course must retake the course. It is recommended that the course be retaken the next time it is available to remove the continued negative impact on the student’s GPA.
CPT Application
  1. submit CPT application materials (Offer Letter, contractual agreements signed by employers, etc.) to the school DSO.

  2. After your DSO approved your application, you will receive a CPT i-20. on which CPT start and end time will be listed.

  3. no extra charge is needed for applying for CPT

  4. Remember to renew your CPT approval when required.

Day 1 CPT Programs


  • National Louis University (NLU) provides an opportunity for international students to enroll in a Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) program. This program caters to international business and academic professionals who wish to enhance their master's-level competencies, skills, and knowledge. Throughout the program, you'll develop your leadership, strategic thinking, decision-making, and research skills to become a leader in your field. A required business practicum will enable you to apply what you learn in the classroom to a real-world scenario and establish a professional network with business experts and peers from around the world.
  • The DBA program is designed with a blended format that combines online coursework with one on-campus immersion per term at the university's Tampa, FL campus, making it convenient for international students to earn their DBA from any part of the world. Students can also choose to add a management concentration to their degree.
  • To be eligible for the DBA program, applicants must have completed a master's degree in business administration or a business-related field. The program can be completed in four years by full-time students. It is recommended that interested applicants review the DBA program's admissions criteria before applying.
  • The program emphasizes applying what you learn in the classroom to a real-world scenario. Therefore, it supports day 1 CPT. You will be authorized to participate in either a part-time or full-time internship from the beginning of the program, as long as you complain with all SEVIS regulations.
  • The DBA program is a 60-semester-hour program with research and capstone coursework. Each semester you will take two 3-credit courses (one course is fully-online and the other includes a face-to-face, on-campus weekend session component). You will take one course at a time. Total 60 credits + dissertation; 6 credits per semester; 3 semesters per year.
Professional Focus

Outcome 6.1: Accounting Evaluate the results of accounting research and analysis to determine appropriate business actions for meeting organizational goals.

Outcome 6.2: International Business Evaluate current research and practices in the global marketplace and analyze worldwide drivers of business success to recommend sound and responsible organizational strategies.

Outcome 6.3: Marketing Analyze the foundation and development of marketing and consumer behavior theory and practice to strengthen the marketing function in modern organizations.

Outcome 6.4: Management Evaluate management research and current practices to develop employees and systems that sustain competitive and responsible organizations in changing environments.

Program Structure

Requires 60 SH for completion

Requires a grade of “B” or better in all program coursework including the Management Concentration

Core Courses - (21 credits)

DBA 620 Holistic Management in Organizations 3

DBA 622 Managing Global Challenges 3

DBA 624 Marketing Strategy and Management 3

DBA 626 Corporate and Global Finance 3

DBA 628 Advanced Operations Management 3

DBA 630 Strategy Formulation, Implementation and Evaluation 3

DBA 632 Innovation and Entrepreneurship 3

Research Courses - (15 credits)

RES 600 Introduction to Doctoral Studies and Research 3

RES 610 Advanced Writing 3

RES 650 Data-Driven Decision Making and Research 3

RES 652 Quantitative Research Method 3

RES 654 Qualitative Research Methods 3

Management Concentration - (12 credits)

DBA 650 Organizational Behavior 3

DBA 652 Management Science 3

DBA 654 Organizational Development and Change Management 3

DBA 656 Strategic Team Management 3

Doctoral Research - (12 credits)

DBA 696 Doctoral Research I 3

DBA 697 Doctoral Research II 3

DBA 698 Doctoral Research III 3

DBA 699 Doctoral Research IV 3

For a complete description of the above requirements, please go to the Course Catalog.

CPT Policy
  • CPT is an integral part of the DBA program. DBA at NLU supports day 1 CPT.
  • CPT is authorized for the duration of the 4-year program
  • Your internship has to be relevant to what you’ve learned in the class.
CPT Application
  1. submit CPT application materials (Offer Letter, contractual agreements signed by employers, etc.) to the school DSO.

  2. After your DSO approved your application, you will receive a CPT i-20. on which CPT start and end time will be listed.

  3. no extra charge is needed for applying for CPT

  4. Remember to renew your CPT approval when required.

Tuition and Scholarship


MS Quarter cost: $4740 (5 total quarters). The tuition is the same every quarter and must be paid in full by the start of each quarter. The total program cost is $23,700.00.


DBA Semester cost: $4992. (10 semesters + dissertation). The semester tuition is the same every semester and must be paid in full by the start of each semester. The total program cost is $49,920.00 (international student rate).

Academic Calendar

Program Terms Semester Start Date Application Deadline CPT Start Date
MSBDA Summer1 07/01/2024 06/16/2024 07/01/2024
  Fall1 09/23/2024 09/08/2024 09/23/2024
  Spring1 01/13/2025 12/29/2024 01/13/2025
 DBA (Tempa Campus only) Summer1 05/06/2024 04/21/2024 05/06/2024
  Fall1 08/26/2024 08/11/2024 08/26/2024
  Spring1 01/13/2025 12/29/2024 01/13/2025
  Summer1 05/12/2025 04/28/2025 05/12/2025


Application Deadline

2 weeks before the program start date if you are already in the US with a valid visa. Otherwise, the application deadline is 8 weeks before the program start date.

*If you miss the application deadline, don't worry, contact us, CPTDog could work with School Admissions to expedite admission decisions within an average of 3 days.

Application Guide

Step 1: Create an Account

Create an account on NLU's Online Profile

Step 2: Upload the Following Materials

  • Application Form

Request your personalized DocuSign application form using the button above

  • Goal Statement

Upload a maximum 2-page goal statement with a self-appraisal of qualifications for the program

  • Professional Resume

Upload a professional resume showing your work experience. At least 3 years of full-time managerial or professional experience is required

  • Degree Certificates and Transcripts

Upload all university transcripts even if a degree was not earned. Transcripts from a US university where a degree was earned must show the degree conferral date or graduation date. For admission, a Master's degree in business or a business-related discipline with a minimum GPA of 3.0 is required. If a degree has not been earned from a US institution, then foreign transcripts must be evaluated by ECE, WES, Educational Perspectives or any NACES-certified transcript evaluation company. Students must request a course-by-course GPA evaluation for US equivalence.

  • Two Current Letters of Recommendation

Upload two current letters of recommendation from professional and/or academic sources. Letters from family members will not be accepted. Letters must be dated and signed.

  • Proof of English Proficiency

Upload official test results. TOEFL score of 80 IBT; IELTS overall score of 6.5 with no band scores below 6.0; Pearson Test of English (PTE) score of 54; Duolingo English Test (DET) score of 105. Proof of English proficiency is not required if you have studied or worked in the USA

  • Passport

Upload photo and address page of passport. Students already in the US must also upload a copy of their visa, current I-20, and most recent I-94 document.

  • Financial Support

Upload a bank statement showing $22,000 in financial support. Alternate documents include loans, credit card statements showing available credit, or sponsor bank statements with a signed/dated sponsorship letter. Additional amounts will need to be shown for dependents (spouse $5,000, child $3,000).

Step 3: Interview

Completion of an interview with a member of the program Admissions Committee

Step 4: Receive the Offer Letter

  • Application Deadline

The application deadline is 2 weeks before the program start date if you are already in the US with a valid visa. Otherwise, the application deadline is 8 weeks before the program start date. The university reserves the right to stop accepting applications at any time should classes reach capacity.

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