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H1B - Skilled Foreign Worker Visa

The H1B visa program, initiated in 1990 as part of the Immigration Act, is a crucial path for international students who wish to build a life in the U.S. after graduation. The process involves finding a sponsor, maintaining visa status, getting selected in the lottery, and eventually applying for a green card. There are many hurdles to overcome, and sometimes the economic and political climate can be challenging.

How can you navigate these immigration storms? What are your options if you don't get selected for H1B? What are the common reasons for RFEs during the application process, and what are the effective solutions? If you get laid off while on H1B, does it mean the end of your journey in the U.S.?

We have answers to all these questions and more, providing support no matter where you are in your immigration journey.

OPT Ending Soon, But No H1B? CPTDog Is Here to Help:

✓ One-on-One Free Consultation
✓ Personalized Day 1 CPT Plan as H1B Alternative
✓ Application Fee Wavier & Application Assistant 

* Our consultants are committed to providing a seamless experience. Once you initiate a case with us, you will be assigned a specific consultant who will thoroughly understand your case, ensuring that there's no need for you to repeat information each time you call. We will not change your consultant unless you request it.


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