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Founded by International Students, For International Students

CPTDog - Who Are We?

A Trusted Alley for International Students  

At CPTDog, we're a close-knit and diverse team of vibrant individuals. Our family includes mainland Chinese, Taiwanese, Hongkongers, Indians, Koreans, and local Americans. Remarkably, 90% of us were once international students in the U.S., with some still juggling work and studies. We deeply understand the unique challenges faced by international students because we've lived them ourselves. Every hurdle you encounter, we've likely faced it too.

Our co-founder, Tanya, is a testament to our journey and ethos. She became a permanent U.S. resident after arriving as an international student 12 years ago. Tanya's path wasn't easy – she struggled to find H1B sponsorship post-OPT, dealt with RFEs, and even faced job loss due to company restructuring. Yet, she persevered and carved out a successful life in the U.S.

Her discovery of Day 1 CPT programs was a game-changer, offering her an accredited U.S. degree and the chance to participate in paid internships, providing both financial support and a competitive edge in the job market.

Tanya's experience led to the birth of CPTDog, born from a desire to be the trusted ally for international students pursuing their American dream. At CPTDog, we're more than a consulting company; we're a friend and guide on your journey, equipped with personal experiences and a deep understanding of your aspirations. 

CPT Dog - What We Do?

  • Day 1 CPT
  • OPT
  • Change of Status
  • H1B Consultation

Day 1 CPT

✓ Free Consultation
✓ Program Matching
✓ Application Assistant
✓ Waive Application Fee
✓ Scholarships
✓ Application Follow-ups
✓ After Enrollment Student Service

OPT Consultation

✓ OPT Grace-Period Consultation
✓ OPT Denied Alternative Solutions


Change of Status

✓ Free Consultation
✓ In-house Immigration Lawyer Service
✓ Change of Status F-1 Program Match & Application 
✓ I-20 within 1 week

H1B Consultation

✓ Free Consultation
✓ Free Immigration Lawyer Webinars
✓ H1B Not Selected Backup Plans
✓ H1B Layoff Backup Plans

CPT Dog - How Much We Charge?

PP Admission

Urgent Care for Status Maintenance  
✅1 on 1 Consultation 
✅Personalized Day 1 CPT Universities List
✅ CPT Policy Consultation
✅ Day 1 CPT Universities Application Assistant
✅ Waive Application Fee
✅ Scholarship Application Assistant 
✅ Scholarship (limited schools & programs)
⭐️ Get an offer letter from your chosen school as soon as 1 business day 


Change Of Status

Immigration Legal Service
✅ Change of Status Consultation with In-house Immigration Lawyer
  • H1B to B1/B2
  • H1B to F1
  • H4 to F1
  • B1/B2 to F1
✅ Change of Status Statement Drafting
✅ I-539 & I-797 Form Filling
✅ RFE included
🔺 $1500 Flat Fee, no hidden charges

Just For You

Only Pay For What You Need 
✅ Emergency I-20 Transfer
✅ Community College Transfer
✅ Post-Graduate Program Application
✅ I-20 Reinstatement
✅ Name your problem, we have a solution 
99% of Our Students Recommended Us
2000+ Students We've Served
50+ Schools Officially Partner with Us
47+ States We've Served

CPT Dog - What Others Say About Us?



Day 1 CPT Free Consultation

CPTDog Offers:

✓ One-on-One Free Consultation
✓ Personalized Day 1 CPT Universities List
✓ Application Fee Wavier & Application Assistant 
✓ Scholarship Opportunities 
✓ Connecting to the Admission Officer to Get Pre-Approval 
Premium Process - Get an Offer and I-20 within 3 days [added-value service]

* Our consultants are committed to providing a seamless experience. Once you initiate a case with us, you will be assigned a specific consultant who will thoroughly understand your case, ensuring that there's no need for you to repeat information each time you call. We will not change your consultant unless you request it.


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