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CPT Universities

Cheapest Day 1 CPT Universities


Day 1 CPT Universities: What Are They?

Picture this: You land in the USA for your studies and start working immediately. That's what Day 1 CPT universities offer. They mix studies with work experience from the first day. It's a great choice for students from abroad who don't want to wait a year to start working. These universities cleverly combine learning and working, following the rules but making it easier for you.

Why Choose Affordable Universities?

Studying in America can be expensive. Here's where Day 1 CPT universities come in handy. They're like finding a great deal in an expensive market. You get a good education and work experience without spending too much. It's like killing two birds with one stone – you save money and get to work from day one. This way, you can earn a bit while you learn and not worry too much about the cost. It's a smart choice!  

Decoding Day 1 CPT: Basics and Benefits

What is Day 1 CPT? Definition and Overview

So, what's this Day 1 CPT all about? Imagine you're an international student in the USA. Usually, you'd have to wait for a year to start working off-campus. But with Day 1 CPT, you can start working right from your first day at university. This is possible because these universities design their courses to include practical training for your study. It's like getting a golden ticket to work while you're still earning your degree.

Disadvantages and Advantages of Day 1 CPT for International Students

Now, why is Day 1 CPT a big deal for students coming from overseas? First off, it's a fantastic way to get hands-on experience. You're not just stuck with books; you're out there in the real world, applying what you learn. This experience is gold on your resume. Plus, it's a great way to understand US work culture and improve your skills.

Financially, it's a lifesaver. You get to earn while studying, which can help with living expenses and tuition fees. Also, it's a stepping stone for your career in the US. Many students use this opportunity to make connections and find jobs after graduation. In short, Day 1 CPT opens doors to work experience, financial relief, and future job opportunities. It's like hitting the jackpot for international students!

But it's not all sunshine and rainbows. There are a few downsides. Juggling work and study can be tough, and universities have strict requirements to maintain a GPA above 3.0 to be eligible for your CPT. It's a lot to handle, and your grades might take a hit if you're not careful. Also, not all Day 1 CPT programs are created equal. You've got to be sure the university is accredited and that the program must be aligned with your jobs. Lastly, there's the visa aspect. You need to stay on top of your visa requirements, such as making sure you have renewed your I-20, and if you want to travel, you need to make sure you have your VISA stamping ready. 

Evaluating the Costs: The Most Affordable Day 1 CPT Universities

Criteria for Affordability

When hunting for the most affordable Day 1 CPT universities, it's not just about the lowest sticker price. You've got to consider the whole package. Affordability means looking at tuition fees, for sure, but also at living expenses, like housing, food, and transportation. Plus, consider the potential earnings from Day 1 CPT work opportunities – they can make a big difference in your budget.

Another key factor? Financial aid and scholarships. Some universities might have higher tuition but offer generous scholarships that can cut down your costs big time. And don't forget about the quality of education – a cheaper university isn't a good deal if it doesn't give you a solid education and good job prospects after graduation. Also, for your convenience, I have made a checklist bullet point for your evaluation. 

  • Tuition Fees: This is the big one, the cost of your classes and coursework. But it's not just about the lowest price tag; consider what you're getting for your money.

  • Cost of Living: This varies widely across the US. Think about rent, groceries, transportation, and other daily expenses. A lower tuition in a city with high living costs might not be the bargain it seems.

  • Financial Aid and Scholarships: Don’t just look at the price – look at what help is available. Scholarships, grants, and work-study programs can significantly reduce your actual out-of-pocket expenses.

  • Earning Potential through CPT: Since Day 1 CPT allows you to work, estimate how much you can realistically earn. This can offset living expenses and even tuition, making a big difference in overall affordability.

  • Additional Fees: Sometimes, the devil is in the details. Look out for extra costs like technology fees, library fees, lab fees, etc. They can add up.

  • Quality of Education: Investing in a cheaper university that offers a subpar education is no bargain. Consider the reputation, accreditation, and success rate of graduates in landing good jobs.

  • Travel Expenses: If you plan to visit home or travel, consider the cost of flights and the location's accessibility.

  • Program Duration: Longer programs might seem more expensive, but if they offer better training and job prospects, they might be worth it.

  • Campus Resources: Facilities like libraries, labs, and gyms add value to your education experience. Ensure you're not sacrificing these for a lower price.

Cheapest Day 1 CPT Universities for you

West, East, and Central Day 1 CPT Universities Cost Compare Guidide. 

Lots of students who use CPT have experienced financial pressure, and when they select the Day 1 CPT universities, one of the biggest concerns for students is the tuition fee, especially for the students who do not have tuition support from their companies or sponsors. Under this circumstance, CPTdog has listed the options for students to choose a cheaper school to remain working and maintain their status. 

*Note: The price gap between two CPT schools can be up to $8,610 for the whole program. As a result, Choosing an affordable school is crucial for students; if you choose the right one, you could eventually save thousands of dollars.





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| Cheapest Day 1 CPT Universities in the West

Day 1 CPT Universities Tuition Fee Per Year Price Per Credit Total Credits Total Cost Average Program Length (in years)
Westcliff University (Master's) $11,725 $760 36 $27,360 2.5
Westcliff University (Master's Professional) $12,575 $815 36 $29,340 2.5
Westcliff University (Doctorate) $13,971 $815 60 $48,900 3.5
Westcliff University (Doctorate Professional) $15,343 $895 60 $53,700 3.5
Sofia University (MBA) $9,360 $520 36 $18,720 2
Sofia University (MBA-DA) $9,360 $520 48 $24,960 2.5
Sofia University (MSCS) $10,920 $520 42 $21,840 2
Humphreys University (MBA-IT) $9,400 $430 56 $21,000 2.5
CiAM (MBA) $12,000 $667   $24,000 2
ITU (Master's) $18,200 $700 39 $27,300 1.5
ITU (PhD) $18,000 $750 60 $45,000 3.5
Trine University (Master's) $9,375 $575 30 $18,687 2

The Most Affordable Day 1 CPT Universities in the West are:

  1. Trine University (Arizona) - Known for its diverse range of programs, support for CPT and H1B visa applications, and low onsite frequency.

  2. CIAM (California Institute of Advanced Management) - The university is well-known for its MBA programs, low on-site frequencies, and H1B master cap.

  3. Sofia University - Known for its location support in the Bay Area.

However, Westcliff University is also a great option when you consider Scholarships and the Cost of Living and commute. 


California Palm tree to demonstrate the atmosphere of the West

| Cheapest Day 1 CPT Universities in the East

Day 1 CPT Universities Tuition Per Year Price Per Credit Total Credits Total Cost Average Length (in years)
Monroe College (2nd Master's) $11,104 $580 36 $20,880 2
Monroe College (1st Master's) $16,336 $919 36 $33,084 2
McDaniel College $10,125 $675 30 $20,250 2
Westcliff University (MBA) $12,575 $815 36 $29,340 2.5
Harrisburg University $17,840 $830 36 $33,000 2
Saint Peter's University (MSBA) $16,600 $821 30 $25,000 1.5
Saint Peter's University (MSDS) $13,950 $765 36 $28,000 2
New England College (MS Data Analytics & MS IT, Cybersecurity) $10,167 $440 36 $16,944 1.6
New England College (MBA & MS IT, Project Management) $9,352 $440 40 $18,704 2
National Louis University (DBA) $12,480   60 $49,920 4

The Most Affordable Day 1 CPT Universities in the East are:

  1. New England College - Known for its low onsite frequency, fast response rate, and convenient campus location.

  2. McDaniel College - Known for its Data science major. 

  3. Monroe College - Located in New York City, the institution is renowned for offering day one CPT to its students.

Note that National Louis University has a very affordable DBA program.

The statue of the liberty which symbolize the atmosphere of New York

| Cheapest Day 1 CPT Universities in Central

Day 1 CPT Universities Tuition Per Year Price Per Credit Total Credits Total Cost Average Length (in years)
Trine University $9,375 $575 30 $18,687 2
Ottawa University (EMBA) $14,970 $713 42 $29,940 2
Ottawa University (EMBA-Cybersecurity) $16,845 $802 42 $33,690 2
Ottawa University (DBA) $16,575 $893 56 $50,000 3
Dallas Baptist University (MBA) $15,252 $1,177 40.5 $47,668 3
Dallas Baptist University $15,252 $1,177 36 $42,372 3
University of Cumberlands (Master's) $11,529 $549 35 $19,215 1.5
University of Cumberlands (Ph.D-BM)) $12,359 $749 66 $49,434 4
University of Cumberlands (Ph.D-IT) $11,235 $749 60 $44,940 4
Sullivan University (Master's) $15,840 $660 48 $31,680 2
Sullivan University (Ph.D) $17,550 $780 90 $70,200 4

The Most Affordable Day 1 CPT Universities in Central are:

  1. Trine University - Known for its diverse range of programs, support for CPT and H1B visa applications, and low onsite frequency.

  2. University of the Cumberlands - Renowned for its wide range of programs, multiple campus locations, and low onsite frequency.

However, when you take the Cost of Living & Commute into consideration,

Ottawa University’s tuition will be affordable, considering on-campus fees and tuition. 

The Texas Cow logo which symbolized the atmosphere of the Texas

Cheapest Day 1 CPT Universities in the US

US Locations Day 1 CPT Universities Tuition Per Year Price Per Credit Total Credits Total Cost Average Length (in years)
East Coast New England College $9,352 - $10,167 $440 36 - 40 $16,944 - $18,704 2
West, Central Trine University $9,375 $575 30 $18,687 2
East McDaniel College $10,125 $675 30 $20,250 2
Central University of Cumberlands $11,529 $549 35 $17,500 1.5
West Coast Sofia University $9,360 - $10,920 $520 36 - 48 $18,720 - $24,960 2 - 2.5
West Coast Humphreys University $9,400 $430 56 $21,000 2.5