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University of the Cumberlands

πŸ“ Williamsburg, KY |πŸ“ Florence, KY |πŸ“ Alexandria, VA

πŸ“ Irving, TX |πŸ“Des Moines, WA | πŸ“Ann Arnor, MI |πŸ“Kentifield, CA

University of the Cumberlands is known for its affordable tuition, attracting international students seeking Day 1 CPT opportunities. However, some students have reported encountering "hidden charges" after enrollment. If tuition cost is your primary concern, University of the Cumberlands might not fully meet your expectations upon closer inspection. Nevertheless, it is noteworthy that the University of the Cumberlands offers a wide array of Day 1 CPT majors, making it a significant option among Day 1 CPT universities for students looking for variety in their academic pursuits.

Day 1 CPT University Overview

About & Accreditation

Founded in 1888 as Cumberland College and rebranded in 2005, the University of the Cumberlands (UC) in Williamsburg, Kentucky, is a prestigious private institution offering over 40 undergraduate and 10 graduate programs. With a community of 4,600 undergraduates and 14,700 postgraduates, UC boasts a 20:1 student-faculty ratio, ensuring personalized support. The university has seen a significant increase in international student enrollment, marking its status as one of the fastest-growing universities in the nation. UC extends its educational reach with sites in Washington D.C., Seattle, and Texas and is accredited by the SACSCOC to grant degrees from associate to doctoral levels.



The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC)
Kentucky's Educational Professional Standards Board (EPSB)
The Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP)


Day 1 CPT Programs

  • Doctor: PhD in IT, PhD in Business, PhD in Leadership

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Day 1 CPT Policy

CPT Policies

Graduate CPT Guidelines

Graduate students may apply for Curricular Practical Training (CPT) starting from their first semester, as it is an integral part of their degree program. They are allowed to participate in part-time CPT without any monthly limits. However, engaging in full-time CPT for 12 months or more disqualifies them from Optional Practical Training (OPT), necessitating careful tracking of CPT usage.

An application for CPT must include a job or internship offer letter that:

  • Is written on the company's official letterhead.
  • Contains a legitimate signature from an authorized company representative.
  • Is issued within the past six months.

Steps for CPT Authorization

  1. Obtain a job or internship offer related to the field of study (A formal Offer Letter is required).
  2. Complete the CPT application or renewal form.
  3. Provide the CPT application package, which includes the signed Offer Letter (recent within six months), details of the job, Employer CPT Authorization Form, and a signed CPT partnership agreement, to the institution's Designated School Official (DSO).
  4. Following CPT approval, a new I-20 is issued, allowing students to start their CPT employment as indicated by the start date on the I-20. 
Is the three-day onsite course mandatory?

Yes, all three days are mandatory, and requests for being late or leaving early will not be approved. If a student does not attend the full three days, it will be considered as absent for the entire semester.

What happens if I miss an onsite course?

Students are required to attend every offline course. During the entire program, students can make up for one missed offline course at most. Missing the second offline course will result in dismissal.

Missing a course will result in the student attending makeup classes and paying a $300 makeup fee. In addition, students may be asked to provide documentation from the program department explaining why they missed the scheduled offline course. Makeup classes must be completed before the end of the semester. Failure to comply with this policy will result in dismissal.

How do I make up classes?

The academic department will contact you to inform you of the location, time, and date of the makeup classes. Only one offline course makeup is offered per semester. Failure to attend the three-day makeup will be considered as a failure, and the student may be dismissed and may face termination from the SEVIS system.

Day 1 CPT Program

Day 1 CPT Programs at UC

Executive Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)

The program uses critical thinking and business decision-making skills to prepare you for leadership in areas such as marketing, advertising, sales, accounting, public relations and more. Day 1 CPT is supported.

Executive MS in Global Business with Blockchain Technology

Designed for working professionals and international graduate students, it offers a combination of face-to-face learning and online courses. If you want to take a leadership role in the emerging field of blockchain technology (where the business world and the IT world converge), this program is for you.

Blockchain Technology Course - 31 credits required

Executive MS in Information Systems Security

The MSc in Information Systems Security (ISS) provides the IT security tools and practical training needed to become a leader in the field. Our Information Systems Security degree is a two-year course taught by industry-experienced lecturers.

Access 24/7 technical support and a dynamic peer network to facilitate learning. UC Cumberland is recognized by the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as a National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense (CAE-CD).

Executive MS in Information Technology

The Master of Information Technology degree program combines practical training with leadership "soft skills" to help you get the most out of your career path.

From predictive analytics to identifying cyber threats to using big data analytics for large industries like healthcare, this program will open doors to leadership opportunities in virtually every industry. Day-1 CPT is supported.

Executive MS in Project Management

Through practical strategies and theory in project management, you'll learn everything you need to know to lead projects and initiatives across your company.

Through classroom courses and applied learning practices conducted each semester, this program covers everything from organizational behavior and marketing management to an in-depth examination of the project management process.

Executive MS in Strategic Management

This program explores core strategic management techniques based on real-world educational experience. After completing this program, you will deepen your understanding of strategic management practices and help your company take it to the next level. Day 1 CPT is supported.

Executive Master's in Cyber-Engineering

Combining courses from multiple disciplines (Computer Engineering, Computer Science, and Electrical Engineering), the program gives graduates a comprehensive understanding of cyber engineering in order to combat cybercrime along the way.

The program provides the skills needed to maintain and protect operations, including upgrading the defenses of existing networks and systems. You can design top-down cyber defenses for your company against growing cyber risks.

Executive Master's in Finance

The Advanced MSc in Finance from the University of the Cumberland helps you build and refine the skills you need to meet the growing demand for senior financial experts across the business world.

Our Master of Finance degree program is designed to prepare you for senior management positions, including C-Suite positions, through a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of financial practice. Upon graduation, you will be equipped with the quantitative and qualitative skills needed to better guide the financial decision-making process across an organization.

Additionally, it provides a good foundation for earning top financial certifications such as Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) or Certified Financial Planner (CFP).

Executive Ph.D. in Information Technology

This PhD program can enhance your professional qualifications. From identifying cyber threats, to using big data analytics, to making data-driven policy decisions, you'll take a leadership role in data science and information technology.

Core courses - 18 credits required

Area of Specialization - 21 credits required

Specialized Area Electives - 21 credits required

Professional Application (Internship)

Executive Ph.D. in Leadership

During the PhD in Educational Leadership, you will engage in a comprehensive study of effective leadership, teaching and management methods. The PhD in Leadership will also delve into the political skills involved in educational decision-making processes, program planning and evaluation strategies.

Leadership Core Course - 24 credits required

Professional Studies - 24 credits required

Specialized Area Electives - 18 credits required

Professional Application (Internship)

Tuition and Scholarship

Beginning at $315, but in most cases, the cost for each credit hour is from $500 - $700, textbook included. This range of cost makes UC one of the most affordable Day 1 CPT universities in the U.S.

Program Duration Credits Required Cost per credit Total Cost
Master 20 months 35 (CPT included) $549 $19,215
Doctorate Program - Business/Management 3-4 years 66 (CPT excluded) $749 $49,434
Doctorate Program - Information Technology 3-4 years 60 (CPT excluded) $749 $44,940

University of Cumberlands currently does not offer scholarships to international students. But if you apply through us, we can waive your application fee.

Academic Calendar

v. 2024 - 2025

Semester Start Date Application Deadline Terms
5/4/2024 4/21/2024 Summer1
6/15/2024 6/7/2024 Summer2
8/31/2024 7/26/2024 Fall1
10/12/2024 9/27/2024 Fall2
1/4/2025 12/20/2024 Spring1
2/15/2025 1/31/2025 Spring2

The University of Cumberlands conducts a semester system: a semester is divided into 2 terms (small semesters). Admission is available for each Bi-Term. There are a total of 6 admissions opportunities in a year.

  • University of Cumberlands has a rolling enrollment system, where application windows close when enrollments are full

    • Check with CPTDog to see if your program could still be applied!

  • Different UC programs have different application deadlines. It is recommended to apply at least 4 weeks before the start of the semester. Before applying, please contact us for details

Application Guide

Minimum undergraduate grade point average (GPA) of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale

Additional requirements for doctoral programs: a U.S. graduate degree with a GPA greater than 3.0

How to apply?

University of Cumberlands will require the following information & documents:

  • Student Full Name

  • Student email ID & Password

  • Address in the US

  • Student Contact Number

  • Emergency Contact: Name, number & Relation to the student

| Document Checklist:

  1. Passport

  2. Visa copy

  3. I20 and i94

  4. High school/Intermediate certificates (optional)

  5. Bachelor's transcripts and degree certificate (if applying for Master's)

  6. Master's transcripts (if you have completed one)

  7. English test scores (Paper-based TOEFL - 550 or Internet-based TOEFL - 79 or IELTS - 6 or Duolingo - 100)

  8. Two letters of reference (optional)

  9. CV/resume

  10. Financial statement*

*Bank Statement and Affidavit of support- showing min US$ 26,500 to show that you will be able to cover tuition and living expenses for the first year. Please note: Financial statements should not be older than 3 months

Day 1 CPT Free Consultation

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