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Sofia University

Palo Alto & Costa Mesa, California

Sofia University

Sofia University

Campus Locations:

1069 E. Meadow Circle, Palo Alto, CA 94303 3333 Harbor Blvd., Costa Mesa, CA 92626

School Locations:

Palo Alto & Costa Mesa, California

School Accreditations:

WASC Senior College and University Commission, California Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education (BPPE), Council for Higher Education Accreditation

Day-1 CPT Programs:

MBA (18 - 24 months), MBA - Data Analytics (STEM*, 24 - 30 months), MS Computer Science(STEM*, 18 - 24 months)

Estimated Tuition:

$18,720 - $24,960/Program


Overall Score: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Cost Effectiveness: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Academic Pressure: ⭐️⭐️

Commute Score: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

| 1.About the School

Sofia University, was established in 1975 by Drs. Robert Frager and James Fadiman. It is formerly known as California Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, which provided ongoing training programs to psychologists. The university has many years of experience and unique strength in the master’s programs in Transpersonal Psychology.

The curriculum for the master’s degree in Transpersonal Psychology was initially designed by co-founder and former president Dr. Robert Frager.

The program focused on six areas of inquiry: the intellectual, emotional, spiritual, physical, social and creative aspects of life.

About the School

| Accreditations

Sofia University is accredited by:

  • Western Association of Schools and Colleges

    Sofia University has been accredited by the nation’s premier regional accreditation body for higher education, the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WSCUC), since 1998. Through its rigorous review process, WSCUC confirms that Sofia University possesses the resources, policies, and practices to achieve its educational goals and shows a dedication to the improvement and accountability of its programs. In June of 2022, the Western Association of Schools and Colleges Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC) reaffirmed Sofia University’s accreditation for a period of 6 years!

  • California Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education (BPPE)

    Sofia University is on California Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education (BPPE)’s Listing of Accredited Institutions and Programs.

  • Council for Higher Education Accreditation

    Sofia University is on the Council for Higher Education Accreditation’s Listing of Accredited and Candidate Institutions (CHEA).


| School Locations

Sofia University has two campus locations in California. The Bay Area campus is located in Palo Alto while the LA campus is located in Costa Mesa.

The main campus in Palo Alto is in the heart of silicon valley in the San Francisco Bay Area. It is close to the headquarters of Google, Apple, Facebook and Airbnb.

The main campus is located at 1069 East Meadow Circle, which spans over an area of 46,000 square ft. and includes a library, computer labs, student center, office spaces, lecture halls, and other facilities.

The Costa Mesa campus, which is spread over 14 acres, is located in Orange County. It is formally known as Whittier Law School.

Palo Alto Campus

1069 E. Meadow Circle, Palo Alto, CA 94303

Costa Mesa Campus

3333 Harbor Blvd., Costa Mesa, CA 92626

| 2.CPT Policies

CPT Policies

The courses at Sofia University are hybrid (in-person and remote learning), with an emphasis on applying the knowledge obtained from the classroom into the real world.

International students are required to participate in an internship with CPT in order to graduate from a Day-1 CPT program. The job responsibilities must be related to the degree being pursued.

For instance, the name of the MBA program indicates that the program focuses on combining classroom knowledge with real-world applications, which is Master of Business Administration (MBA) – Work Integrated Learning (WIL) (Hybrid, a combination of Campus and Online Courses).

Regarding the CPT Internship, according to the latest official catalog, *F1 transfer students of MBA, MBA - Data Analytics (STEM), and MS in CS (STEM) programs could start CPT on the first day of the class.

—To apply for CPT, you will need:

  • An offer letter from your employer

  • A signed CPT agreement from your manager or HR

  • The CPT agreement can be replaced by an employment letter

    (or an offer letter in some cases)

*Please contact us and we can guide you through the CPT documents and application.

*Sofia University announced, in 2023 spring that Students who apply for CPT will no longer be billed for an additional credit hour. Instead, Sofia University charges a fixed amount of $260 per quarter for CPT, which is a comparatively lower fee.

| 3.Day-1 CPT Programs

Master of Business Administration

One of the biggest highlights of the MBA program at Sofia University is the courses that combine Psychology and Business Administration. These courses provide unique perspectives on the psychological impact on employees when their companies go through business events such as mergers, acquisitions, and downsizing.

| MBA - Data Analytics, STEM ( a 48-credit program concentration starting Summer 2023)

MBA - DA requires 48 credits to graduate, including 36 core courses credits, and 12 credits from Data Analytics concentration courses.

 3.Day-1 CPT Programs

12 Core Courses (36 credits)

  • MBA2001 Personality and Motivation

  • MBA2002 Positive Psychology for Business

  • MBA3005 Operations

  • MBA3006 Business Law and Ethics

  • MBA4602 Sustainability and Global Leadership

  • MBA4001 Capstone

  • MBA4302 Organizational Psychology

  • MBA4401 Technology and Innovation

  • MBA2003 Decision Science

  • MBA3002 Finance

  • MBA3008 Marketing

  • MBA4601 Marketing and Consumer Psychology

4 Data Analytics Concentration Courses (12 credits)

  • MSCS 3805 Statistical Analysis for Computer Science

  • MSCS 2401 Data Science

  • MSCS 3019 Data Visualization

  • MBA 3004 Data Analysis and Forecasting

The MBA program has 4 other concentrations

Business Analytics

Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness

Management of Technology and Innovation

General Concentration

The MBA program has 36 required credit hours, including 4 core courses and 3 Fundamental courses

4 Core Courses (12 credit hours)

Financial Accounting (3)

Operations (3)

Business Law and Ethics (3)

Marketing (3)

3 Fundamental Courses: (9 credit hours)

Personality and Motivation (3)

Positive Psychology for Business (3)

Decision Science (3)

For every concentration:

Business Analytics

Data Science (3)

Data Visualization (3)

Statistical Analysis for Computer Science (3)

Organizational Leadership & Management

Technology Innovation & Production Management (3)

Program and Project Management (3)

Marketing 2 (3)

Management of Technology and Innovation

Technology Innovation & Production Management (3)

Marketing 2 (3)

Choose one course below:

Organizational Leadership & Management (3)

Program and Project Management (3)

General Concentration

Program and Project Management (3)

Technology Innovation & Product Management (3)

Marketing 2 (3)

* to graduate from the MBA program, students will need to participate in internships for at least 3 semesters.

Masters of Science in Computer Science (STEM)

MS Computer Science is a STEM program that allows you to have 3 years total of OPT.

The program focuses on innovative, transpersonal, and transformative learning in the classroom and at the workplace to ensure that students are well prepared for the technical and managerial challenges of the rapidly evolving computing, engineering, and scientific industries as well as the challenges of future academic and research-based endeavors.  

Masters of Science in Computer Science (STEM)
The MSCS program has 2 concentrations

Artificial Intelligence - Data Science

Cyber Security & Information Assurance

The MSCS program has 42 required credit hours, including 9 core courses and 4 concentration courses, 1 elective and 1 capstone courses

Artificial Intelligence

• MSCS 3805 -Statistical Analysis for Computer Science

• MSCS 2201 -Artificial Intelligence

• MSCS 3008 -Introduction to Robotics

• MSCS 3806 -Advanced Topics in AI and Machine Learning

Cyber Security and Information Assurance

• MSCS 3920 -Cyber Security: Defense

• MSCS 3921 -Cyber Security: Forensics and Attack Analysis

• MSCS 2219 -Advanced Threat Analysis

| 4.Onsite Frequency

Onsite Frequency

The course with Onsite Requirement:

  • The onsite course requires the students to attend class onsite once a month for a total of 3 onsite sessions per quarter.

  • The onsite session is from 10 am to 5 pm on Saturday or Sunday.

  • There are two sessions that are hosted on Zoom, a total of 5 sessions for a quarter.

The online course is:

  • 100% online and there is no fixed schedule or Zoom meetings required to attend the class. The class is self-taught and it requires the students to log into Canvas, a course management system, to complete the classwork and homework.

  • Weekly login is required. Students who asked to complete the course work in a timely manner.

*From our student’s experience, it takes about 1-2 hours per week to complete the homework from the two courses.

5.Tuition and Scholarship

  Per Credit Total Credits Tuition Total (CPT not included) Annual Tuition
MBA $520 36 $18,720 $9,360
MBA - Data Analytics $520 48 $24,960 $9,360
MS Computer Science $520 42 $21,840 $10,920

*Students who apply for CPT will no longer be billed for an additional credit hour. Instead, Sofia University charges a fixed amount of $260 per quarter for CPT, which is a comparatively lower fee.

| Scholarships


⭐️ Apply through CPTDog / GoElite and get a $100 Amazon gift card (when you enroll)

Sophia University offers scholarship opportunities to all admitted students, and scholarships are awarded on an as-needed basis and subject to approval: (seek scholarship application assistance from CPTDog).

  • Moving Humanity Forward Scholarship (for new students) - $2,000

  • Merit-Based Scholarship (for outstanding academic performance) - $5,000

  • International Students Scholarship (for international students) - $2,500

  • Entrepreneurship Scholarship (for entrepreneurs) - $2,000

  • Community Engagement & Social Advocacy Scholarship (for public service contributors) - $2,000

  • Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Scholarship (for underrepresented groups and minorities) - $4,000

*Sophia University scholarships are usually disbursed in four installments within one year to offset tuition fees. Students can apply for multiple scholarships at once, but typically receive one.

| 6.Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar

  Session Start Application Deadline
2023 Spring 4/3/2023 3/15/2023
2023 Summer 7/3/2023 6/14/2023
2023 Fall 10/2/2023 9/13/2023
2024 Winter 1/8/2024 12/19/2023

The school has a quarterly system, with 4 quarters per year, each lasting for 11 weeks. Students can

  • Take a break for one quarter after completing 3 consecutive quarters

  • Use full-time CPT through out the break

*There is no gap between CPT periods in each semester, and students can work for 365 days a year.

The courses are offered in a hybrid format, with at least 2 courses per semester (each course is 3 credits, a total of 6 credits, and CPT counts as an additional credit), one online and one onsite, in compliance with the requirements of F-1 international students by the Immigration Bureau. Students can take at most one pure online course per semester.

*If you miss the application deadline, don't worry, contact us, CPTDog could work with School Admissions to expedite admission decisions within an average of 3 days.

*You can also find the 2023-2024 Sofia University Academic Calendar in HERE

| 7.Application Guide

( Follow the Application Guide to Earn $100 Limited Bonus, and Get Application Fee Reimbursed after Enrollment)

*Started in 2022, Sofia University accepts applications for domestic international students who reside in the US, both in and outside of California. Find the list of eligible States HERE.

  1. Click here to apply and receive the online application form. (CPTDog will reimbursed your app fee when you enroll)

  2. Submit the documents below in your online application form:

    • I-20

    • Passport

    • Visa

    • Resume

    • Personal Statement

    • I-20 Release Form

    • Official Transcript

    • Certificate of deposit (a bank statement with a balance of more than $30,417 within the last 6 months or a certificate of deposit in the equivalent amount of another currency)

  3. After receiving your admission letter, you will be asked to pay $200 Acceptance Fee and to confirm the time to transfer SEVIS to Sofia University. To transfer the SEVIS, you will need to fill out the SEVIS transfer form to request the SEVIS to be transferred to Sofia University from your original school.

  4. Before school starts, students need to send their official transcript by email, or to the address below:

    Official e-transcript: Send it to email address as an attachment

    Official paper transcript: Send it as a letter to,

    Sofia University Registrar Office

    1069 East Meadow Cr.

    Palo Alto, CA, 94303

3 business days.

*Please feel free to ask us any questions during the application process.

*Your application will only be reviewed when all the materials are submitted.

*It normally takes 7 days to receive the result. If you wish to expedite the application, please contact us and we’ll work with an admissions officer to work on your case and deliver result as soon as 3 business days.

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