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Day 1 CPT Course Reviews

Having transparent reviews of the Day 1 CPT university’s courses gives you a direct and honest source of information to help you choose the right Day 1 CPT university, instructors, and courses just for your preference.

We are not only here to support  you getting into a Day 1 CPT university, we want you to thrive in your academic and professional career. Choosing Day 1 CPT courses is a crucial first step to success, and we got you there!

Course Evaluation

 ** Updated April 2023, check out our newest Course Review system where real students share their experiences with a class in a Day 1 CPT University!

  • Utilize this free reference for you to sign up for classes, choose a concentration or a professor

  • Review a class for fellow students and earn a *$10 Starbucks gift card from CPTDog!

**Once you’ve submitted your review and information, using your Day 1 CPT University email address, we will process your reward in 2 months!

Wie War Dein Anruf

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Day 1 CPT Course Reviews

Westcliff University
Westcliff University | CAClick here to view Westcliff University's course reviews
Trine University
Trine University | AZ, MIClick here to view Trine University's course reviews
Monroe College
Monroe College I NYClick here to view Monroe College's course reviews
Harrisburg University I PA
Harrisburg University I PAClick here to view Harrisburg University's course reviews
Sofia University | CA
Sofia University | CAClick here to view Sofia University's course reviews
New England College | NH
New England College | NHClick here to view New England College's course reviews
Humphreys University | CA
Humphreys University | CAClick here to view Trine University's course reviews
Saint Peter's University | NJ
Saint Peter's University | NJClick here to view Saint Peter's University's course reviews
McDaniel College | MD
McDaniel College | MD
Click here to view McDaniel College's course reviews
Click here to view CiAM's course reviews