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Westcliff University Transportation

Westcliff University Transportation

Westcliff Irvine Campus

Westcliff University has 3 campus locations: Irvine, California; Cerritos, California; and Miami, Florida.

The Irvine campus will be the best choice for students who are located on Westcoast.

Miami campus will be the best choice for Eastcoast students. 

The Cerritos campus is a good choice for students interested in the MBA program.

This article will focus on Irvine Campus

Airport + Bus/ Uber

The closest airport to the Irvine campus is John Wayne Airport which is 1 mile (5 minutes)  driving to campus. 


( Flight ticket from San Francisco Airport to John Wayne Airport cost around $90-$230)

From John Wayne airport to the Irvine campus takes approximately 8 minutes to drive. 

There are two ways to get from the airport to campus: Bus or Uber.

Bus or Uber

For students who do not drive, there is a bus Route 59, available to take from the airport to campus, it takes around 33 minutes and costs $4, or the uber fee from the airport to campus is 5-10 minutes and costs around $12-$30 (may be varied based on time & weather).


Total trip estimated cost: 

Airplane ticket + 30 minutes BUS: [Airplane ticket + $1]

Airplane ticket + 10 minute Uber: [Airplane ticket + $15]

For students who would like to go from around the Los Angeles area to Irvine, you can either take the train (recommended)/ drive (1.5-2 hr)/ uber(1.5-2 hr - $70)

Train + Bus/ Uber


Amtrak Train:

There are more than ten different time slots available from Union Station Los Angeles to Irvine Transportation Center; the train takes around 1 hour  (Amtrak train as an example). 

Amtrak train costs around $19-$60 from Los Angeles to Irvine (may be varied based on time & weather). Please remember to purchase tickets 3-5 days in advance in case it’s sold out (especially on the weekend). You can also download the MetroLink app to check the schedule and carry digital tickets.



After arriving at the Irvine Transportation Center (Irvine, 15215 Barranca Pkwy #1, Irvine, CA 92618),

students can take either Bus or uber.

From 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. - every 10 minutes


Bus 86- Westcliff (40 minutes - $2 avg)  - Westcliff 

Or Uber - Westcliff (15-20 minutes- $15- $20 avg)


More information:

Address of Irvine Transportation Center: Irvine, 15215 Barranca Pkwy #1, Irvine, CA 92618

Total trip estimated cost 

Train + Bus: 1hour 40 minutes - cost around $21

Train + Uber: 1 hour 15 minutes - cost around $35


For students on a budget, there is also a bus choice- Flixbus ( You can take to Flixbus from Downtown LA Vignes Lot to Anaheim (ARTIC Bay11)


After arriving in Anaheim (ARTIC - Bay 11)

Students can take Metrolink Orange Country Line Route59 (1hr 6 min- cost around $2)


Total trip estimated cost:

Bus+Bus: 1 hour 50 minutes - cost around $10

These are all the transportation to Westcliff University, I hope it helps:)