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USCIS increase h1b filing fee
TanyaApr 1, 2024 11:32:15 AM5 min read

FY2025 H1B Updates: Lottery Concluded & Filing Fees Increased 70%

At a Glance:

The H1B lottery results for the fiscal year 2025 have been finalized, with USCIS announcing the completion of the selection process. With a selection rate of 25%-30% (estimation by law firm we collaborate with), a significant number of international students face uncertainty about their ability to continue working in the U.S. post-OPT.

Meanwhile, as of April 1, 2024, the H1B filing fee will see a 70% hike, part of a broader wave of USCIS fee increases.  In this Blog, you will read about:

  • Finalization of the H1B Lottery for FY2025
  • Challenges Posed by Increased H1B Filing Fees
  • Impact on International Students and Workers
  • Introduction of Customized Day 1 CPT Solutions by CPTDog: Offering a lifeline for those not selected in the H1B lottery, CPTDog highlights alternative pathways to maintain legal employment in the U.S.

H1B Lottery Result for FY2025 is Finalized 

USCIS announced that the H1B lottery for FY2025 has concluded its selection process. Selected individuals have the somewhat costly privilege of maintaining their legal working status in the U.S., making them a fortunate minority in light of the increased fees. Over the weekend, the FY2025 H1B lottery results were released. According to some law firms we've collaborated with, this year's selection rate is estimated at 25% - 30%, placing about at least 250,000 international students who rely on the H1B visa to continue working in the U.S. after their OPT ends in a precarious situation regarding their status. This poses a particular challenge for those nearing the end of their STEM OPT period or those without it.


In the event you weren't selected, don't lose hope—CPTDog is here to help. Leveraging our collective experience as former international students and industry experts, and inspired by our co-founder Tanya's own journey from an international student to a US permanent resident, CPTDog champions the resilience needed to overcome such setbacks.

Customized Day 1 CPT Solutions: Ensuring Your Continuous Legal Employment in the U.S. Post-H1B Selection

Day 1 CPT (Curricular Practical Training) is a special feature of certain U.S. university programs allowing F1 visa international students to begin working in their field of study from the first day of their program. This opportunity is especially valuable for those looking to blend academic learning with practical work experience, or as an alternative means of work authorization for those not selected for the H1B visa.

However, not all institutions offering Day 1 CPT are of equal quality. In fact, USCIS has created fake Day 1 CPT schools as a strategy to identify F1 visa fraud, highlighting the importance of cautious selection. Despite this, legitimate and fully accredited schools do exist and offer genuine Day 1 CPT opportunities.

Choosing the right Day 1 CPT program is vital, especially for those viewing it as an alternative to the H1B visa. At CPTDog, we exercise extreme diligence in selecting partner schools. Our benchmark is straightforward: if we wouldn't enroll our own team members in a school, we wouldn't recommend it to our clients. This ensures that the options we suggest are accredited, reputable, and truly beneficial for our students' career trajectories.

Founded by former international students, we are intimately familiar with the hurdles and triumphs associated with studying and building careers overseas. Dedicated to aiding your path, we provide customized support to ensure your aspirations remain within reach.

  • Free Consultations & Personalized Day 1 CPT Universities list
  • Free Webinars: Benefit from the wisdom of immigration attorneys, ex-USCIS officers, Day 1 CPT university officials, and peers who've successfully used Day 1 CPT to advance their careers.
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H1B Filing Fee Increased 70%

Meanwhile, employers of individuals selected for an H1B visa this year will encounter a spike in hiring costs due to a significant rise in immigration fees introduced by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), effective April 1, 2024, affecting both employers and foreign workers.

According to Forbes, "Employers will pay 70% more for beneficiaries on H-1B petitions, 201% more for employees on L-1 petitions and 129% more for individuals on O-1 petitions. USCIS will also charge employers a new $600 Asylum Program Fee when filing a Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker, or Form I-140, Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker. The agency will also raise the H-1B Electronic Registration Fee for each beneficiary from $10 to $215."

This surge in fees represents a significant escalation in the costs associated with sponsoring foreign workers in the United States. For example, the total cost for sponsoring a first-time H1B visa holder, including premium processing and attorney fees, is estimated to rise to approximately $9,400. This nearly doubles to $18,000 when including H1B extensions.

Legal Battle Over Fee Increases

A lawsuit aimed at halting the implementation of the new fees was brought forth by several plaintiffs, including employer groups and foreign investors. However, U.S. District Judge Charlotte N. Sweeney denied the motion for a temporary restraining order, citing the plaintiffs' inability to meet the stringent requirements for such a legal remedy. This decision allows the USCIS fee rule to take effect as planned, though it does not mark the end of the legal challenge against the fee increases.

The Road Ahead: Ongoing Litigation and Potential Implications

Despite the initial setback, the plaintiffs remain committed to challenging the USCIS fee rule's legality. The core of the lawsuit argues that the fee rule was promulgated without proper notice and comment, unfairly burdens certain applicants, and includes fee increases of 100% or more without adhering to a congressionally mandated fee study.

As the legal challenge continues, employers and foreign nationals must navigate this new financial landscape of U.S. immigration. The outcome of this litigation could have significant implications for the future of immigration fees and the processes for sponsoring foreign talent. Stay tuned for updates on this critical issue and explore strategies to manage the increased costs associated with U.S. immigration filings.

For those looking to stay informed on immigration updates and strategies for navigating the USCIS's new fee structure, follow our blog for the latest insights and guidance.


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