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TanyaMar 27, 2024 11:19:42 AM3 min read

H1B Lottery Results are Out! FY2025

Here's what you need to know about the H1B 2025 lottery results, including:

  • When find out about the results
  • How to check them
  • What can you do if you are not selected 
Update - March 29th

Latest on FY2025 H1B Lottery Results - USCIS Reports a Glitch

USCIS has confirmed that the lottery result is all out. If you have not heard from your lawyer by the end of today, it is most likely that you are not selected for this year's H1B. 

Within legal circles, there's speculation that the selection rate ranges from 24% to 30%, with numerous law firms CPTDog has collaborated with confirming an approximate 25% selection rate.

H1B FY2025 Lottery Results Are Rolling Out NOW!

The H1B 2025 lottery results are being released as we speak! USCIS confirmed on April 1st the selection is concluded. 

If not selected, contact CPTDog NOW for H1B alternative solutions to keep working legally in the U.S.


----below was updates from March 30th----

Several immigration attorneys we collaborate with have already received notifications of selection for their clients. While the selection process occurs almost immediately, the notification phase can span several days. Drawing from previous years' timelines, once the initial group of selected candidates is notified, it typically takes less than a week for the remaining candidates to receive their updates.

Therefore, by April 1st this year, the majority of applicants should be informed of their H1B lottery status, whether selected or not.

Some of the lucky ones has already get the selected news 👇

How to Check Your H1B Lottery Result

How to Access H1B 2025 Lottery Results? Individuals often prefer to check such crucial outcomes independently. However, the H1B lottery process doesn't support this preference. Despite receiving a "Beneficiary Confirmation Number" (a 16-digit alphanumeric code), it cannot be used to independently verify lottery results online.

This number, beginning with the fiscal year (for FY 2025, it would be formatted as 2025-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx), is an internal reference used by USCIS for lottery execution and does not facilitate public result checking.

The sole method to verify H1B lottery outcomes is through the employer or attorney who submitted the registration. They receive a notification of status change and can log in to review the H1B registration status. 

This approach ensures that only authorized parties have access to the sensitive information regarding an applicant's lottery status.


What to do if H1B is not Selected?

H1B Visa Alternative Options

O1 Visa:

Extraordinary Abilities The O1 visa is designated for individuals with exceptional skills in areas such as science, arts, education, business, or athletics, or those recognized for achievements in film or television, possessing a record of national or international acclaim.

  • Pros: No cap on issuance, broad professional scope, easier employer criteria, indefinite renewals, and immediate work start.
  • Cons: High difficulty level, advance preparation required, specific field requirement, and employer sponsorship needed.

L1 Visa:

Intracompany Transfers The L1 visa enables the transfer of employees within multinational companies to U.S. offices, ideal for managing operations or projects and sharing specialized knowledge. It is divided into L-1A for executives and L-1B for experts with a unique skill set, with validity up to 7 and 5 years, respectively.

  • Pros: Includes L2 visa for families, permits dual intent, high approval rate with proper documentation, and premium processing available.
  • Cons: Time-restricted, annual renewal required, tied to current employer, and potential salary reduction.


Advanced Degree or Exceptional Ability The EB-2 visa targets those with advanced degrees or exceptional skills, offering a path to permanent residency for those whose work benefits the U.S. national interest, bypassing the usual employment verification process.

*For more on applying for an NIW and addressing potential RFEs, see "H1B Alternatives: Is NIW for You?"

  • Pros: Faster than labor certification, leads to a green card.
  • Cons: High standards often necessitating a PhD, lengthy processing times.


Day 1 CPT:

Education with Work Authorization A popular H1B alternative is enrollment in a Day 1 CPT program, typically at the master’s level, allowing students to work legally in the U.S. under an F1 visa. These programs integrate work experience from the onset, offering a path to CPT authorization at the program's start.

  • Pros: Simple application process, fast-track potential, OPT opportunities post-program.
  • Cons: Careful university selection needed, tuition costs, and a minimum 3.0 GPA requirement for CPT eligibility.

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