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Trine University

Trine University

Allen Park, Michigan - Phoenix, Arizona

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Trine University

Trine University

Campus Locations:

1000 Republic Drive, Suite 520, Allen Park, MI 48101
326 E Coronado Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85004

School Locations

Trine University Website

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Reasons to choose Trine University, by Trine Global Associate Director

School Locations:

Allen Park, MI & Phoenix, AZ

School Accreditations:

The Higher Learning Commission,

Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP),

Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET

Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA),

Day-1 CPT Programs:

MBA, MS Business Analytics, MS Engineering Management, MS Information Studies

Estimated Tuition:



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| About the School

Trine University, is a private higher learning institution founded in 1884. The school currently offers Liberal Arts, Business, and Engineering degrees. The main campus is located in Angola, Indiana, covering an area of more than 450 acres. In addition, the school has educational centers in Detroit, Phoenix, Fort Wayne, and other places.

As of 2022, Trine University has more than 4,600 students, with a student-faculty ratio of 17:1.

What makes Trine University most proud is its excellent employment rate- 99.3% of the 2021 graduates have found a job (or enrolled in a higher degree) within 6 months of graduation, which is one of the top employment rates in the United States.

About The School

| Accreditations

Trine University is accredited by:

  • the Higher Learning Commission (one of the six regional accrediting agencies for higher education institutions in the US)

  • Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET

  • the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP)

  • Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP)

* In addition, Trine University is ranked by US News at 18th in Regional Colleges Midwest, 16th in Best Value Schools


| School Locations

Michigan Campus

1000 Republic Drive, Suite 520, Allen Park, MI 48101

Arizona Campus

326 E Coronado Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85004

| Pros and Cons


  • Low tuition, cost-effective

  • 5 enrollment windows each year

  • Only one onsite class per semester

  • School has a long history and stable RFE rate

  • Moderate overall academic pressure

  • Multiple major choices

  • CPT Agreement can be replaced with an Employment Letter, which can be renewed annually

  • Flexible online courses that allow students to arrange their own schedules

  • Transfer up to 6 credits from previous graduate programs

Pros and Cons


  • Greater onsite courses commute for students on the east and west coasts

  • Uncompromising requirements for onsite attendance and GPA


| Day-1 CPT Policies

Trine University graduate programs that offer full-time CPT:

Master of Business Administration, Master of Science in Business Analytics (STEM), Master of Science in Engineering Management (STEM), Master of Science in Information Studies (STEM)

Day-1 CPT Policies

Trine University follows the regulations of USCIS to authorize international students for CPT work. All of Trine's graduate degree programs are Experiential tracks, which means that internships/jobs are part of the program. Therefore, international students need to use CPT for internships/jobs, and they can apply for CPT work from the first day of enrollment. An additional 0.5 credit course is required for each semester when applying for CPT.

CPT can be authorized as early as the program orientation day and can be authorized for up to one year at a time with the option to renew. There is no gap between each CPT authorization. If the current employer does not sign the CPT agreement, students can contact CPTDog and we’ll connect you with a school official.

Master of Business Administration

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Trine University is focused on delivering a real-world return on investment for professionals looking to develop their skills and marketability in business and finance. This online MBA is defined by an intense focus on business strategy, management, decision-making, market development, and global finance. 

*An MBA requires 30 credit hours.


Master of Business Administration

The MBA program has 7 specialized tracks

Option 1: Self-Design

Option 2: Accounting

Option 3: Analytics

Option 4: Finance

Option 5: Management

Option 6: Human Resource Management

Option 7: Marketing

7 Core Courses - 21 credits

BA 5223 Executive Communication

FIN 5063 Corporate Finance

FIN 6923 Managerial Accounting & Finance

MK 6943 Strategic Marketing and Management

ECO 5033 Micro & Macro Economic Decision Making

BA 6933 Statistics & Data Analysis

BA 6963 Business Admin Capstone

Program Electives - 9 credit hours from below courses

AC 5003 Advanced Auditing

AC 5013 Managerial Accounting AC 533 Corporate Taxation

AC 553 Federal Tax Pass-Through Entities

FIN 5823 Financial Modeling

FIN 5833 International Finance

FIN 5843 Financial Markets & Institutions

FIN 5853 Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management

GE 5103 Project Management

GE 5113 New Product Development & Innovation Strategy

GE 5133 Lean Six Sigma

HR 5923 Strategic Human Resources

BA 5103 Business Ethics

Master of Science in Business Analytics (STEM)

Master of Science in Business Analytics from Trine University is designed to meet the growing demand across the nation. Business analytics focuses on developing new insights and understanding of business performance based on data and statistical methods. A variety of industries need individuals who will have the education and expertise to collect, analyze and interpret information to make fact-based strategic business decisions.

*MSBA requires 30 credit hours.

Master of Science in Business Analytics

MS Business Analytics Course Requirements- 30 credit hours

Program Requirements:

GE 5103 Project Management

BA 6933 Statistics and Quantitative Methods

BAN 5003 Operations Analytics

BAN 5013 Analytics Software and Tools

IS 5113 Data Mining and Data Visualization

IS 5213 Data Science and Big Data

FIN 5063 Corporate Finance

FIN 5823 Financial Modeling

BAN 5023 Data Driving Decision Making

BAN 6093 Business Analytics Capstone

Master of Science in Engineering Management (STEM)

You will gain a mastery of corporate culture, leadership, finance, operations strategy, and marketing. Your courses will include business ethics, public speaking, and decision-making classes that are geared toward the technical professional. You will also learn product development and innovation from Trine’s business and engineering faculty.

*The Master of Science in Engineering Management requires 30 credit hours.

Master of Science in Engineering Management

Core Courses - 21 credit hours

BA 5223 Executive Communication

FIN 5203 Finance for Engineers

GE 5103 Project Management

GE 5113 New Product Development and Innovation Strategies

BA 5103 Business Ethics

BA 6933 Statistics and Quantitative Methods

MGT 5093 Business Strategy and Decision Making

Program Electives - Choose 9 credit hours from below

GE 5163 Engineered Quality

GE 5093 Design Thinking

GE 5133 Lean Six Sigma

MGT 543 Operations Strategy and Management

MGT 5013 Advanced Plant Management

LAW 5003 Law and Engineering professional

Master of Science in Information Studies (STEM)

you will grow your leadership and business skills so you can advance to the next level in your career. You will use the managerial process and tools for effective management and leadership, assess and leverage the impact of information technology to enhance business competitiveness and optimize business management and develop professional communication skills in public speaking, public relations, and electronic media.

*The Master of Science in Information Studies requires 30 credit hours.

Master of Science in Information Studies

Program Core Courses - 30 credit hours

GE 5103 Project Management

FIN 5203 Finance for Managers

INF 503 Advanced Database

IS 5103 Object-Oriented Programming in JAVA

IS 5113 Data Mining and Data Visualization

IS 5203 Network Management

IS 5213 Data Science and Big Data

IS 5403 Cybersecurity

IS 5803 Information Studies Capstone

BA 6933 Statistics & Quantitative Methods

| Onsite Frequency

Onsite Frequency

Trine University operates on a three-semester academic calendar: Fall, Spring, and Summer. Summer is a shorter term of approximately two months, while Fall and Spring are long terms of about three and a half months, divided into Term 1 and Term 2. Each semester has breaks.

International students are required to take at least two courses per semester, totaling 6 credits. Students can choose one hybrid course with an onsite component and one fully online course. Only one onsite class is required per semester, which takes place on a weekend from 8 am to 5 pm. The school is planning to increase the onsite frequency to one per semester or one per term. Attending onsite classes is mandatory, and failure to do so may result in the loss of F1 status.

Apart from the one-day onsite class, most courses are delivered through the online learning management system, Moodle. Only a small portion of courses are conducted through live Zoom sessions, while the majority are pre-recorded or optional Zoom discussions. This provides great flexibility for students to schedule their studies.

During the summer term, students can take a break (without completing a full academic year), and still apply for a 0.5 credit CPT course to work full-time with CPT.

*It is important to maintain a GPA of 3.0 or above during enrollment to avoid graduation delays or termination of full-time CPT.

| Tuition and Scholarship

Tuition Detail $18,687.5
Per Semester Tuition (6+0.5 CPT Credit Hours) $3,737.5
Yearly Tuition (Spring, Fall Enrollment, 2 Semester a year) $7,762.5
Yearlt Tuition (Summer Enrollment, 3 Semester a year) $11,212.5
Per Credit Hour $575
One Time Enrollment Fee $500

* Trine University doesn’t have a application fee

| Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar

Semester Program Start (CPT Start) Class Start Application Deadline
2023 Summer 5/8/2023 6/5/2023 4/5/2023
2023 Fall I 7/24/2023 8/21/2023 6/22/2023
2023 Fall II 9/25/2023 10/23/2023 8/24/2023
2024 Spring I 12/11/2023 1/8/2024 11/11/2023
2024 Spring II 2/12/2024 3/11/2024 1/12/2024

Trine University's graduate program is divided into 5 terms per academic year, and students can apply for any term.

*Trine University's graduate program uses a rolling admission model. If the enrollment for the current term is full, admission will be stopped.

It is recommended that students apply at least 1 month in advance (International students on an Initial F1 visa are recommended to apply 3 months in advance). CPTDog is the official enrollment representative of Trine University, and students can contact us in advance to reserve a spot.

*If you miss the application deadline, don't worry, contact us, CPTDog could work with School Admissions to expedite admission decisions within an average of 3 days.

| Application Guide

  • The following documents are required:

    • Academic transcripts

    • Financial Statement ($17,000, Contact us to waive it if you’re an F-1 transfer student)

    • Copy of passport

    • Statement of purpose (explaining your desire to pursue a graduate degree)

    • Resume/CV

    • GRE/GMAT (*recommended)

    • English placement test score of:

  • It usually takes 3-4 weeks to receive the result after applying.

    If you’re in an emergency and need to receive the offer ASAP, contact us, we’re here to help!

    We will assist with expediting the application, and students will receive the result and transfer SEVIS as soon as 3 days.

Trine University

 Trine University

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