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Ryan ZhangAug 1, 2023 12:00:00 AM1 min read

There Will be No H1B Third Lottery for Fiscal Year 2024

H-1B Headline

Yesterday, on July 31, 2023, USCIS announced that the second round of H1B visa lottery has been completed.

Per our prediction, the second lottery would has a 10% selection rate, which is proven correct. The additional lottery itself has an approximately 12% selection rate, which adds up to the total selection rate to be around 25%. Currently, applicants can check the final results for the H1B lottery through the immigration agency's system. If selected, their status will be changed to "Selected."

As of now,

  • 77,600 New Petitions were Selected in the Second Round, which adds up to a total of 188,400 selected among the H1B lottery for this year.

  • (FY 2024) The total selection rate 24.8%, is still lower than last year’s (FY 2023) 26.9%

  • It’s worth to note that, the second lottery of FY 2024 didn’t excluded petitioners selected in the first round, meaning that beside detected frauds that were removed by the lottery, all petitioners entered the second lottery, even if some were already selected and might even be approved


H-1B Second Lottery, What Do We See?

Since the USCIS had several announcements and actions to take care of a part of the multiple registration fraud cases, particularly this year, it looks like the H1B approval rate could be lower than the previous few years, given that we have 408,891 multiple registration cases for individuals and a good proportion didn’t play by the rule and might not file for H1B due to the now circumstances or get rejected.

Fiscal Year H-1B Case Approval Rate
2018 77.8%
2019 98.0%
2020 97.3%
2021 92.9%