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GoElite/CPTDog X Westcliff | Westcliff University Info Session

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GoElite/CPTDog X Westcliff | Westcliff University Info Session

Time:4/20/2023 5:30 PM(PDT)|8:30 PM(EDT)

Speaker: John Mahan, Executive International Outreach Representative

John is a dedicated member of the Westcliff International Outreach team at the Irvine campus, where he has been serving since 2019. As a passionate advocate for higher education, John finds fulfillment in assisting students in achieving their academic aspirations in the U.S. or online. Currently pursuing his MBA, John holds a bachelor's degree in International Affairs and Cultural Anthropology from Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts. With his cross-cultural experiences, including teaching and studying English in China and traveling through various parts of Asia and Europe, John brings a unique perspective to his work.

Zoom Session · Live Q&A

Click Here to watch the replay!

Interested in Westcliff University? The school official will answer any questions you might have, sign up now!

Session Spotlights:

1) Graduate Programs at Westcliff University
2) Application timelines and requirements
3) Apply for CPT


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